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Loft Ladders in Yorkshire

Access additional storage space with our loft ladder installation service.

In modern day life, storage space is highly sought after and housing prices are higher than ever, so Direct Energy Efficiency Solution Ltd can help you make use of the space you have by gaining safe and effortless access to your loft, installing loft ladders in Yorkshire. Making your loft accessible is the perfect, economical and practical solution for increasing your storage area and we can help you do precisely that.

We can transform your dark, dingy and hard-to-reach attic into a bright, clean and practical space that you will be able to access easily — and if you come to sell up, you will find a significant increase to your home valuation too. Whether you would like to use your loft for a space to store things away safely and reduce clutter, or you would like to convert your loft into an extra bedroom, we can help you create a safe, secure and comfortable area.

High Quality Loft Ladder Installations at Highly Competitive Prices

We offer the finest quality and best services around for loft ladder installations and loft hatch installations. With years of knowledge and competitive prices, we can discover the best solution for all your loft access requirements. We’ve got a wide range of options available, suitable for every house and loft, no matter the size, and our highly trained staff will be able to help you decide what will suit your needs best.

What are Loft Ladders?

Loft ladders provide access to lofts, attics, plant rooms, or even a roof. Therefore, they come in all sizes and shapes. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of load evaluations and with fire rated hatches.

To be able to save space, attic ladders are typically installed inside the ceiling, hidden by a drop-down hatch. However, they can also be installed into vertical wall openings, although this requires specially designed ladders. For access to a roof, especially with the goal of roof-top maintenance, heavy duty retractable ladders are fixed under a flat roof hatch or rooflight.

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