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Loft Boarding in Yorkshire

Transform that filthy old loft into a bright, secure and functional space with specialist loft boarding in Yorkshire.

Having over 20 years of experience of loft boarding in Yorkshire, Direct Energy Efficiency Solution Ltd understand what it takes to make your loft a versatile and space-saving resource at your home. With this in mind, we provide tailored loft boarding services at an unbeatable price.

Loft boarding requires keen expertise and attention to details and safety measures. Direct Energy Efficiency Solution Ltd has over two decades of know-how, working with a team of dedicated professionals who are specialists in custom loft flooring and boarding. For us, security and convenience is our foremost priority. And we accomplish this by utilising advanced techniques that comply with industry standards.

Being a prominent loft boarding company in Yorkshire, we’re flexible to client choices and demands. To suit your needs, we can partially or fully board your attic space, making it even more functional in accordance with your needs.

Along with conventional loft boarding in Yorkshire, we also offer a raised flooring option. This is a great way to protect your current insulation and maintain your attic well ventilated for seamless air flow. Air gap is maintained under the boards to avoid moisture to seep in.

Transform Your Loft Space

With years of experience, we can seamlessly board out lofts in your old home and transform storage space in your new home. Our raised boarding solutions will not void your new home warranty.

Our standard and elevated boarding choices are exclusively designed to maintain high insulation throughout your home. LoftZone StoreFloor is the strongest raised loft boarding product on the market, due to its Tri- and Uni-Supports made from extremely strong engineering-grade recycled plastic, making it much stronger than the joists of a typical loft.

The flooring is raised 279mm above the joists, leaving you plenty of room for the Government-recommended depth of loft insulation. 

Unsure of what you need? Talk to our professionals for expert advice on loft flooring and boarding.

Advantages of Loft Boarding

Loft boarding, the process of installing a raised platform in your attic to create additional storage or living space, offers numerous advantages for homeowners looking to maximize their property’s potential.

First and foremost, loft boarding in Yorkshire optimises the available space in your home. Attics are often underutilized areas that can be transformed into valuable storage or living space with the addition of a boarding system. By utilizing this space effectively, homeowners can declutter other areas of the house, such as garages or basements, and create a more organized living environment.

Moreover, loft boarding can increase the overall value of your Yorkshire property. Many homebuyers are attracted to properties with ample storage space, and a well-installed loft boarding system can significantly enhance the appeal of your home on the market. This investment not only provides immediate benefits but also pays off in the long term by increasing the resale value of the property.

Another advantage of loft boarding is its cost-effectiveness compared to other renovation options. Converting an attic into a habitable space often requires significant structural modifications, such as installing windows, insulation, and flooring, which can be time-consuming and expensive. In contrast, loft boarding offers a more straightforward and affordable solution for homeowners seeking additional space without the hassle of major renovations.

Additionally, loft boarding can improve energy efficiency in the home. Properly insulated loft boarding helps to prevent heat loss through the roof, thereby reducing energy consumption and lowering heating bills. By creating a barrier between the living space and the roof, loft boarding helps to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the home, resulting in increased comfort and savings on energy costs.

Furthermore, loft boarding provides a versatile solution that can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences. Whether you require extra storage space for seasonal items, a home office, or a spare bedroom, a well-designed loft boarding system can be adapted to accommodate various uses, making it a versatile and practical addition to any home.

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